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Goal Four: Engage our communities


Value our staff and students, and encourage them to contribute and achieve their potential.

Our students are the heart of the Warwick experience and must be active partners in its evolution. We’ll continue to develop students as valued members of our community, as leaders in their own right, and as citizens with a significant part to play in the future economy and global society.

Those other key members of our community – our staff – must also be properly recognised for their vital contribution to the University’s success. We value our people above all else and will continue to investigate new ways to encourage and reward the input and impact of everyone at Warwick.

We’ll also remain true to the principles of Equality & Diversity and Dignity at Work & Study.

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What have we done so far across Goal Four?
  • An integrated sports and activity strategy has been developed to promote activity across all of the campus community, with a new sports and leisure centre planned for 2018.
  • An Ideas Space platform has been piloted over the last academic year and now has approved to continue. It is designed to encourage ideas from across the University on a broad range of issues.
  • Warwick Business School has become the first non-science department to secure an Athena Swan Bronze award.
  • The University has introduced an annual staff award to recognise and celebrate staff achievements.
  • The Dignity at Warwick framework has held a number of events across campus, raising staff awareness.
  • The Board of Graduate Studies' Skills Working Group has created a new framework to govern postgraduate research students' professional development opportunities.
  • A Graduate Development Programme is to be launched with a view to supporting the long-term administrative and financial leadership of the University.
Investing in our people and developing our community

Programme Board:

Goal Four is assisted through the Warwick Community Programme Board.

Find out more about the board and how it helps shape our community.

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Community Case Study


Warwick's Ideas Space provides staff members with an opportunity to contribute their ideas and feedback to the University.

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