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Goal Six: Secure our future sustainability


Create the resources to reinvest in the University’s long term success.

Sustainability covers many interrelated concerns, be they environmental, financial, social or reputational. To engage fully and compete effectively on tomorrow’s global stage, we must address them all, across all activities.

As an organisation that manages its footprint and impact on the environment, we’ll use this as a foundation to embed the broader principles of sustainability.

In this current climate, we’re all aware of the need to seek out opportunities to generate additional income and surpluses to underpin our future investment. We’re also focused on the vital importance of this investment in securing the continuing excellence of the Warwick experience, across all disciplines.

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What have we done so far across Goal Six?
  • The financial plan has been carefully constructed to enable a balance between recurrent and capital expenditure with a surplus.
  • Significant capital development projects have continued, including: campus infrastructure improvements (Gibbet Hill Road, Bus Interchange, the Plaza), Warwick Business School at the Shard, WMG Academy, Law School extension, Cryfield Energy Centre et al.
  • the 50 Forward campaign raised over £73m from over 12,000 donors.
  • A programme of Simplify, Collaborate, Deliver development and training is in place with a number of staff having been trained to date.
  • The Simplify, Collaborate, Deliver agenda has also seen £3.7m financial efficiencies achieved in 2014/15, with a number of active workstreams identifying further potential efficiencies.

Positioning the University for the future

Programme Board:

Goal Six is supported through the Budget Steering Group, chaired by the Registrar.

Find out more about the Group and how it helps secure our future sustainability.

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Simplify, Collaborate, Deliver Case Study


Bringing Simplify, Collaborate, Deliver to life through the undergraduate admissions process is a prime example of successful crossfunctional working.

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Sustainability Case Study

See how our Environmental Team are approaching the challenge of sustainability.

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