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Goal Three: Secure our global position


Optimise the scale, scope and reach of all our activities.

Increasing our global reach and reputation will demand new ways of striving for brilliance, both across the board and in our areas of particular strength. Leadership will also demand a renewed focus on positioning our activities internationally.

We must build on the successes and innovations of Warwick’s partnership activities at all levels, which are already enhancing opportunities for many students and staff, as well as delivering a major boost to our reputation. It’s a given that the contribution each partner makes should generate mutual benefit, and we must ensure that we put in as much as we get out.

Although it’s satisfying to be so good at punching above our weight, there is a step change difference between where we are now and where we need to be. We must identify ways to increase the size of our research base, so as to secure and sustain our place as a globally leading institution.

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What have we done so far across Goal Three?
  • 170 applications, with a combined value of £62m, have been submitted - so far - to the European Commission's Horizon 2020 scheme.
  • The Warwick-Monash Alliance has continued to grow with ever increasing numbers of student exchanges taking place; and a number of new education projects are being initiated under the recently approved Alliance Education Strategy.
  • The University has approved the development of academic and student activities and the establishment of a physical campus in California, United States.
Achieving scale to compete globally

Programme Board:

Goal Three is supported by the Global Programme Board and is co-chaired by the Provost, and Registrar.

Find out more about the Global Programme Board and how it helps to optimise the scale, scope and reach of our activities.

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Global Case Study


Successful and innovative partnership activity will play a central role in increasing our global reach and reputation and positioning our activities internationally. Warwick continues to develop links with international partners who complement our activities and ideals, and provide innovation, sustainability and strategic value.

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