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The Team

About the team

The Strategic Programme Delivery team, within the Strategy Directorate, is responsible for providing support to a wide range of strategic activities, encompassing the spectrum of the University’s interests, and the development of new strategies, programmes and projects.

The team does not replace project management functions in other departments, but provides additional capacity and a broad strategic overview to assist with the co-ordination of institution-wide or cross-functional programmes and projects, and to enable the coherent development of strategic priorities.

What the team does

The Strategic Programme Delivery team’s primary focus is supporting senior management at an institutional level, where activities have an impact across the University. Typically this will involve:

  • High profile, cross-functional priorities and programmes which require a University-wide perspective
  • Projects and initiatives which necessitate broad institutional change
  • Projects which implement existing strategic goals or which are consistent with the University’s strategic priorities
  • Activities which require high-level co-ordination due to the complex nature of issues, collaborations and partnerships either internal or external, and which have University-wide impact.

Below are a selection of the current projects which the team is working on. This list is not exhaustive due to the sensitive and confidential nature of some of the work.

Meet the team