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Ideas Space

Ideas Space is a tool that is allowing the Warwick community to share their improvement ideas and to collaborate across the University to make these ideas happen.

Since the SCD Challenge was launched in April you have submitted 24 ideas which have covered a broad range of topics from improvements for cycle users to providing better information for new staff. The SCD team have really appreciated the enthusiasm and commitment everyone has shown in sharing and then developing ideas on the site.

About 40% of the ideas you submitted were progressed for in-depth review by the SCD team and of these over half were taken forward, either by the SCD team themselves or by members of the Warwick community and the idea creator. The successful ideas were:

ideas funnel

All these ideas are in varying stages of development. We will keep in contact with the teams and give you updates on their progress when we can.

If you have an idea for how to improve a process in your team, department or even the wider University you can share it on Ideas Space. Your idea doesn’t have to be fully defined, just provide some basic information, share it with your colleagues and start developing it together. The SCD team will take an initial look at it and see how much support it has within the community. They will then make a decision on whether to progress your idea to a development stage, where you will be asked a few additional questions about your idea. After the development period the SCD team will then make a final decision on your idea.

Ideas Space

You can still get involved on Ideas Space even if you don’t have an idea yet by commenting and contributing to ideas that colleagues from across the University have shared. This collaborative and supportive environment helps to grow ideas to their full potential.