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Capital Funding

What is CIF2?

Over recent years, the HEFCE has invested in capital infrastructure in Higher Education through a number of rounds of funding allocations, the most recent of which was the Capital Investment Framework 2 (CIF2), which runs from 2011 to 2015. Warwick was allocated £13.3m of CIF2 funding, after meeting the required criteria established by HEFCE, which included requirements relating to carbon management and sustainability. The University was free to allocate the capital funding as it saw fit, providing that the projects remained within guidance given by HEFCE.

More information on CIF2

How was the money allocated within Warwick?

An internal University bidding process, co-ordinated by the Capital Planning and Accommodation Review Group, ran during the second half of 2011. Applications were invited from academic and administrative departments, which were required to meet stringent criteria. Decisions were made on the basis of how each project met the criteria, which included howo the project linked to the University Strategy, impact on research and teaching, and improvements in space utilisation. Projects which involved the refurbsihment or replacement of existing space were prioritised.

Which projects were approved?

The following projects received CIF2 funding. Most of the below are currently being developed and much of the work will be done over the 2012 summer vacation:

School of Life Sciences Replacement Glasshouse and Controlled Environment Facilities on Central Campus
School of Life Sciences Refurbishment of Gibbet Hill IT Suite
School of Engineering Mesoscopic Electronic Engineering Centre
Institute of Education Refurbishment of the Avon Building
IATL / Space Mangagement Refurbishment of the Ramphal Building Teaching Spaces
Department of Chemistry Refurbishment of Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories
Library Refurbishment of 3rd and 4th floors and Library Main Entrance
Estates Office Minor Works

CIF2 Programme Monitoring Group

The CIF2 Programme Monitoring Group oversees the overall management and monitoring of the programme. This Group, which meets quarterly, ensures that all Project Leaders are progressing projects within the set time frame and budget, and that they are adhering to the terms and conditions for the funding. The CIF Programme Monitoring Group considers:

  • Reports from Project Progressing Groups
  • Requests for changes to the original specification of projects;
  • Quarterly financial reports on projects produced by the Finance Office, (hence consequently ensures that all projects remain within their agreed budgets, and as such that the CIF2 overall programme spends to budget);
  • Reports from the Estates Office on refurbishment projects;
  • Reports from the Purchasing and Insurance Office on the procurement of equipment;
  • Any correspondence from/with HEFCE
What future HEFCE capital funding will be available?

At this stage it is not known what, if any, future capital funding will be available. The amount of CIF2 funding available to Warwick was less than one third of the amount of CIF1 funding, and given the current economic climate, it is reasonable to assume that pressures on government funding will continue.