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Space Management are responsible for providing secretarial and administrative support to the Capital, Space and Amenities Group (CSAG). The CSAG examines the University's non-residential space and approves its allocation within the context of the University Strategic Framework for Capital Development as part of the university's Five Year Financial Plan.

Capital, Space & Amenities Group

Oversight of the space allocation process lies with the CSAG. The Group is charged with allocating space in order that it is used in the most efficient manner and is supportive of the University's strategy.

Space Management Guidelines

Our Space Management Guidelines, approved by the CSAG, serve as a baseline to evaluating space requests and outlines methods by which space is monitored and allocated.

Annual Accommodation Round

The Annual Accommodation Round is the formal process by which space is allocated to academic departments. It assesses the current allocations made to each department whilst allowing departments to outline their future plans and to bid for new space. The process is managed by Space Management as part of the ARC Annual Planning Round, with allocation decisions being made by the CSAG.

Temporary Space Allocations

Space may be temporarily allocated to a department where a short-term space need is identified. Departments with urgent space requirements are encouraged to submit their requests to csag at warwick dot ac dot uk.