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Capital, Space and Amenities Group

What is the CSAG?

Oversight of the space allocation process lies with the CSAG (formerly CPARG). The Group is charged with allocating space so that it is used in the most efficient manner and is supportive of the University's strategy. Decisions are made in accordance with the University's space guidelines.

What does the committee do?

Meeting approximately every 6 weeks, the CSAG consider a wide range of space issues across the campuses:

  • requests for additional space;
  • requests for temporary space (such as decant space or storage);
  • relocation of departments;
  • efficiency of space use.

Any requests or matters to be discussed at CSAG should be directed to the Space Management team: csag at warwick dot ac dot uk
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Members & Terms of Reference

Committee Timetable


Committee Secretary:

Scott Lloyd

Assistant Secretary

Nicola Hunt