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The following are guiding principles which underpin Warwick’s approach to space management:

Space is considered as much a University resource as staff or a budget.

The physical facilities of the University are an asset crucial to the operations of the campus. The number, type, and condition of University spaces helps shape all aspects of campus programs and activities.

Space is a University resource to be allocated in a manner which best advances University priorities.

No one department, centre or division "owns" space. University space resources should be deployed in the most efficient and effective manner to best serve strategic goals.

University space can and will be reassigned.

The University values flexibility and recognises the continuously changing curricula, programmes and technologies. Accordingly, space assignments will change to achieve optimal utilisation and respond to current and emerging needs.

University space needs will be evaluated in the context of traditional quantitative and functional considerations.

The University’s Capital, Space and Amenities Group (CSAG) will employ both statistical information and qualitative information to evaluate the efficiency of space allocations and the case for additional space. Data from a department’s transparent accounts will also inform the evaluation and allocation process.

Decisions relating to assignment and reassignment of space will generally be made by the Capital, Space and Amenities Group for academic space. In the case of space in University House and other central administrative space, the final decision will normally be made by the Registrar or his/her nominee.

While any and all space assignments are subject to change based on the authority of the Capital, Space and Amenities Group (or Registrar), the ability to assign and reassign space within a department’s existing allocation is the responsibility of the Head of Department. This authority, which is contingent on compliance with applicable space guidelines, is expected to provide flexibility to Heads of Departments to address the space needs of their respective units. Change of use involving building or structural alteration must be approved by the Capital, Space and Amenities Group.