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Which EMS category do I use?

Please see the resources section for notes on EMS categories or complete the Space Types & EMS Categories training section.


Which Space Type do I use?

Please see the resources section for notes on Space Types or complete the Space Types & EMS Categories training section.


A room is missing/there is an extra room on my return, how can I correct this?

If there is a room missing from your allocation or a room which should not be on your allocation you can record this on the notes section for your return, or for rooms you should not be allocated in the comments field for that room. During the return Space Management is unable to transfer any rooms between departments until all returns are completed. Once all returns are completed Space Management will confirm which rooms need to change allocation and seek any additional information on the rooms usage.


How can I get help using Q2?

Please contact James Bowes at or x23634


I can't find a staff member in the occupant drop down menu?

a) Occupants are ordered alphabetically by surname.

b) Try checking for the staff member in a different Department by clicking on the Department's drop down list

c) If you are unable to find the occupant after checking the drop down menus, please note their full name in the Comments field.


Do I need to request a return each time I need to change a piece of data?

No, a Space return only needs to be requested if you have a large amount of Space changes e.g. refurbishment of a building or significant staff moves. If you would like to notify Space Management of a few changes e.g. a staff member moving office, then please contact the Space Management team with the information regarding the change of data.


How do we change our nominated Space rep?

Please notify the Space Management team that the Space rep has changed and provide the contact details of the new departmental Space rep.


Do I need to add postgraduates to the Occupants column for every room?

No only staff are available from this list. Instead please just put a note in the Comments field indicating the amount of postgraduates that occupy the room. Please make sure Staff and Post docs are added to the Occupants column.


What is the character limit for the Comments field?

The character limit for the Comments field is 250 characters.


I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Please contact James Bowes, or x23634, to get your password reset.