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Room Utilisation Surveys

What is the Room Utilisation Survey?

Every year a survey of over 250 teaching rooms takes place in the Autumn term. A team of surveyors, under the guidance of Space Management, visit rooms every hour from Monday to Friday of the teaching week. Surveyors count the number of occupants in a room.

Why does it take place?

The purpose of the Survey is to analyse how and when University space is being used.

Which rooms do you look at?

By a looking at range of different teaching room types, the Space Management team are able to identify the types of spaces most in demand.

How are the results used?

Following the Survey, Space Management look at a range of issues surrounding room usage across the University including usage by room capacity, location, time and day, department, overcrowding and bookings on the Central Timetable. This leads to the production of the annual Room Utilisation Survey report which is submitted to the CSAG for consideration.