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Inputting Data

You will be sent an electronic spreadsheet during the week, which you are required to complete with the data recorded on your survey sheets during the survey. Only the information colled in Row A needs to be inputted into the spreadsheet.

Entering the numbers

Whatever information you have marked in Row A on your survey sheets should be transferred to the relevant column on your spreadsheet. This information may only be a figure or one of the permitted characters 'L' or 'A'. Any other value will not be accepted by the spreadsheet.


  • Ensure that you enter the number '0' for empty rooms and not the letter O.
  • Do not include the percentage symbol on your spreadsheet even if the figure is a precentage.
  • For rooms which were over-capacity (i.e. more people than the stated capacity) enter the headcount for the room including the extra people. Once you have done this the field should automatically highlight itself to show that the figure is over-capacity.
  • Do not worry about any other columns you may see on the spreadsheet as they are for our reference and you will not be allowed to edit them.