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Notice for staff and students

The Space Management team will be employing around 35 individuals, at the request of the Capital Planning and Accommodation Review Group, to assist in conducting a survey of a selection of rooms across campus during the week commencing 26th October 2015 (week 4). We aim to conduct the survey with as little disruption and inconvenience to academic staff and students as possible.

Will the survey disrupt any teaching or research?

Where possible we ask our surveyors not to disturb any activities taking place in the room. However, for a large number of rooms across campus the surveyors will need to enter the room in order to count the number of occupants. Surveyors will briefly enter the room, record the number of occupants and then leave. The disruption should therefore be minimal in these instances.

Why is this room being surveyed?

Space Management have worked closely with department representatives to select the list of rooms to be surveyed. This year we will be surveying teaching rooms, meeting rooms, common rooms, computer rooms, workrooms and postgraduate spaces. If for any reason you believe that your room should not be surveyed or has been erroneously included on the list please contact Space Management as soon as possible.

At what times will rooms be affected?

Surveyors will be visiting rooms every hour from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Comments/Queries regarding the survey

If at any time you have a comment or query about the survey, or the way in which it is being conducted, please contact Hywel Rowles hywel dot rowles at warwick dot ac dot uk.