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Recording Information during the Survey

You should use the survey sheets provided in the folder to record information as you are walking around your circuit.

If a room is occupied...

  1. Rooms of capacity 50 or less; you should undertake a headcount of the number of people in the room, and record that total on your survey sheet in Column A.
  2. Rooms of capacity 51 or more; you should undertake an approximate headcount based on the recorded capacity of the room e.g. if a room is 50% full, then the headcount will be 50% of the stated capacity of the room.

If a room is occupied but is over capacity, mark in brackets the number by which the occupancy exceeds the capacity of the room (this should be a headcount of the extra people) e.g. 45 (+8)

If a room is empty...

In Column A enter '0' on the survey sheet. If there is a sign indicating that the session due to take place at that time has been cancelled/postponed/moved to another room, make a note of the information written on the sign.

If a room is locked...

In Column A enter 'L' on the survey sheet. If you can see into a locked room, and there are people in there, mark the relevant figure to indicate how full it is.

If you were unable to survey a room...

In Column A enter 'A' on the survey sheet (please do note why you were unable to survey the room).

Recording the time

In Column B you are required to enter the exact time when you made the entry into the room. It is important that you have some way of recording the time during the survey e.g. watch or mobile.