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10 Things Worth Doing in the New Year

Want to make the most of the New Year? Check out some of the things we think are worth doing to help you look good and feel great, not just for January but all year-round.

1. Plan the time you’re taking for yourself

It’s great planning to take some more time for yourself in the New Year. However more often than not it’s one of those things you never actually get around to, and it’s all too easy for the time you set aside to get spent doing something else. This year why not try taking time for yourself by doing something organised, like signing up to one of our free Health and Wellbeing classes or joining a Wellbeing Walk. It might not sound quite as relaxing as sitting at home doing nothing, but if it means you’ll actually get around to doing it regularly you’re much more likely to feel the benefits.


2. Don’t just watch the World Cup, do it!

Whether you love it or hate it the Football World Cup only comes around once every four years, and being at Warwick amongst a hugely international population makes watching it an experience to remember. However this year you can do more than just watch: be your own star player as we’re involved in the FA People’s Cup or, if you've seen the World Cup more than a few times, our new Over 50s Football Rock Up is a great way to get into (or back into) the game. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the FA People's Cup later in the New Year.


3. Make 2018 your year

Looking to get more active, be healthier or say yes more in the New Year? Whatever your resolution we want to help make 2018 your year. That's why we offer a huge range of activities, facilities, and flexible payment options to suit everybody. So you can join a club, sign up to special events, become a member or dive, lift, serve, climb, and so much more, into the New Year.


4. Sport up your daily routine

No matter what kind of work or study you do there’s loads of surprisingly easy ways to squeeze some activity into your daily routine. Try out some of our Desk Exercises while you work or check out our schedule of classes for things you can do in your breaks. Chances are switching things up will improve your concentration, creativity and productivity when you are working, even if it means taking a bit longer out of library or away from your desk each day.


5. You can teach an old dog new tricks

Looking to improve yourself and develop your skills in the New Year? Self-improvement and learning don’t just have to take place in lectures and seminars or at the office. Broaden your horizons and develop yourself in a way that’s not so conventional by joining one of our sports courses, you’d be surprised by the doors it could open through what you learn, the people you meet and the experiences you’ll have.


6. Take care of your body

You only get one body and so taking care of it should be a priority in the New Year. Stop ignoring that niggling pain, don’t let an injury hold you back from doing something you love, or simply treat yourself to a massage. There are a variety of services available at our Physiotherapy Clinic right here on campus with competitive pricing and high quality treatment, there’s no more excuses.


7. Challenge yourself (and others)

It's a cliché, but it’s a good one. You don't need to go and climb Everest, it doesn’t even have to be anything new, but challenge yourself do more or go further with whatever you already do. Grab a mate and head into the Strength and Conditioning area of the gym, go that bit further to help a colleague, ask questions, be open to opportunities and don’t underestimate yourself - you’ll be surprised by what you’re capable of. If you need a bit of motivation, or if you want to tap into your more competitive streak and challenge others, sign up to our Running and Swimming Grid Challenge and see how far you can go in two weeks.


8. Have fun!

New Year’s plans and resolutions can often end up being a burden and leave you feeling worse, not better, at the end of the month. While it’s great to take advantage of the fresh start remember to take it easy on yourself. Instead of focussing on an end goal, try finding a way to achieve your resolutions that you enjoy and you’ll find the rest comes naturally. In Sport it’s commonly said that people who claim they don’t enjoy exercise just haven't found the right activity yet – so make January the month of trying things out, being kind to yourself and most importantly having fun.



9. Get your red and black stripes

New Year, New Chances, Same Team. Team Warwick is back competing in Varsity this year on 23-25 February so put these dates in your diary and get ready to show your support. Celebrating 65 student sports clubs, Team Warwick and Varsity see over 5000 students compete for BUCS and Varsity trophies, and the chance to carry the University name. This year we want to see campus go red and black – be creative and show your support.


10. Keep on dancing

Dancing isn’t just for the weekend, or the Dad dancing that only comes out at Christmas. Dancing is a great way to release tension, feel free and have fun, with the added benefits of improving your cardio, strength and flexibility. Why not move your night out from the dance floor to the dance studio? Or bring your best moves and maybe even your valentine, galentine or the lads along to UV Dance happening on 16 Feb and keep on dancing all year round!