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Climbing for charity

Feeling the cold and noticing the number of homeless people on the streets in Leamington Spa, local runner Steve Atherton took on a challenge to raise money for charities Shelter and Helping Hands. As part of his 56 challenges, Steve wanted to challenge himself and his fear of heights so he approached us to support him on this challenge.

‘We were pleased to support Steve in one of his challenges. When an opportunity arises for a person to raise awareness of a good cause as well as engaging in physical activity we know they are doing something great for themselves and others. It was also an opportunity to showcase just one of our great facilities here at Warwick Sport.' Lisa Dodd-Mayne, Director of Sport and Active Communities

Watch this video to hear more from Steve and read below from his own blog.

“Boy its cold outside and if you’re out on the streets, a sky full of the white stuff is the last thing you need. it Does give me a warm feeling that we are all realising that we can all do something to help, either directly or by helping the many charities who know what to do and know where the need is, and I continue to be moved seeing the good in people.

It’s been another busy week in the 56notout camp with another three challenges off the list, making a total of 30 done and another 3 underway. A week down without a drink with another 7 weeks to go and I would have appreciated a drink this week, that’s for sure.

One of my biggest fears is heights, and with the help of Richard and the great people at Warwick Sport on the University of Warwick campus, I put on my climbing shoes and headed upwards. It was all about trust for me and at the tender age of 56 I do like to be in control, and with Richard at the end of the safety rope and him having all the answers, I could do little else but put my trust in him. An amazing life lesson and a wonderful experience learning yet more about myself and just what I am capable of, and more importantly, spreading the word and awareness.

I could tell that as we discussed the challenge and those I had already done, along with the great things arranged in the diary for the last few months of the challenge, I could sense the genuine interest, and as usual the passion became apparent as I had to wipe a little moisture from the corner of my eyes. Or maybe it was just sheer terror!

So dig out those spare pairs of gloves, excess drawers of hats, wardrobes of coats and head down to your local charity and give someone some warmth.”

Steve Atherton. Follow him on facebook at 56NotOut and donate.