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Get an insight into what's happening on-site at our new Sports and Wellness Hub

Thanks to the new Sports and Wellness Hub, students from the School of Engineering have had the opportunity to access a large scale construction project just a 5-minute walk from their department. Undergraduate students have undertaken a number of site visits to the new Sports centre development led by Dr Gary Fowmes, an Associate Prof in Geotechnical Engineering within the School.

For students the site is of particular interest as there are many different civil engineering disciplines currently ongoing: from the foundation work on the building and sports pitches, site landscaping and drainage, to more recently the steel frame and pool construction.

For the first and second year Engineering students these visits have given them a real flavour of civil engineering before they specialise into their chosen engineering field. While it may have been hopeful that the visits would sway students towards the civil engineering stream one students commented, “I would say the visit made me realise the importance of having a background in other engineering disciplines, regardless of the field you want to specialise in”.

At the start of term fourth year Masters Engineering students also visited the site as they poured the building foundations. As summarised by the students “The visit was very useful and allowed me to visualise what we’re doing in class,” or rather, “It makes more sense when you can see it”.

Warwick Estates team and the main contractor Willmott Dixon (in particular Nick Preedy) have been exceptionally accommodating: inviting the students back for ad-hoc visits as the project progresses, inviting the students into technical and progress meetings, and allowing them sight of the real inner workings of a construction project.

Article credit: Dr Gary Fowmes

Check out what’s been going on for yourself: