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Love your body and share the love of fitness this Valentines

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Valentine's day seems to be getting bigger and arguably more commercialized every year so we've come up with a few slightly unconventional ways you can make the most of the day/week.
Love yourself first

You've probably heard it before but it's worth hearing again: if you can't love yourself how are you going to love anyone else? We know it's a lot easier said than done and the amount of loved up social media posts on Valentine's Day might make you want to hide away and eat your weight in ice cream. Don't!

Learn to embrace and love yourself for who you are, just as your friends and family do. Did you know that voicing acceptance of compliments can help your subconscious start to internalize these positive beliefs, and in turn have huge benefits for your mental health? Did you know smiling uses half the amount of facial muscles than being angry?

This year, do things that will make you feel happy and accept that taking time for yourself allows you to feel replenished and energised. Giving time to others will consequently make you feel better as well. Whether that's having a lie in, taking a book to your favourite coffee shop, hitting the gym, having round two of pancakes for dinner, or taking yourself out to a yummy meal at your favourite restaurant.

You only get one body and it's got to last you your whole life, so loving yourself also means looking after yourself (duh!).

Valentine's Day this year coincides with the start of lent, and regardless of your faith it's a great opportunity to take a step towards a healthier body. Although lent is typically associated with giving things up, why not put a twist on this tradition and focus on doing, rather than stopping, something that could improve your health and wellbeing. Decide to come along to one of our free health & wellbeing or fitness classes, make a more conscious effort to get your five a day, or get some help and advice on dealing with injuries from our experts at the Physiotherapy Clinic, (or have a massage - they are really good).

Share the love - free swim or gym pass and 3 for 2 friends at our UV Dance
That said Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to spend time with others, and we're all for that too. Need some inspiration for what to do and how to share your love for fitness and an active lifestyle?

Warwick Sport members can treat a friend to a gym or swim visit for free (12 - 18 February), or get the team together to embrace yourself and your dance moves at UV Dance. Take us up on the 3 for 2 offer and make a small saving. In fact, we want to help you share the love of activity because there's loads of proven benefits to exercising with other people. If you exercise regularly bringing a friend along can give you the motivation and support to do that bit more, and starting something new is always less daunting when done with a friend. Sport can also be a great way to meet new people and strengthen relationships - you'll often feel closer as a result of facing and overcoming the challenges of exercise together. Research has also proven that people who work out with friends and loved ones enjoy it more than those who work out alone, making you more likely to stick with an activity too.

Don't believe us?

We want to help you put it all to the test this Valentine's Week and give you opportunities to love yourself, love your body and share the love with others. Members can bring a friend to gym or swim for free (depending on your membership) and we're offering 3 for 2 tickets to our UV Dance event on Friday 16 February. Find out more and book online now.