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New Year. New Chances. Same Team.

We’re making progress in our mission to be the most active campus with the Outdoor Activity Zone, the new Sports Hub underway, our new Physiotherapy Clinic, and now two whole months of celebrating our student sports clubs through #TeamWarwick. Get ready to see more of #TeamWarwick around campus, culminating in the return of our annual Varsity competition against Coventry University on 23-25 Feb. We have faced some fierce competitions in the past and yet we have been able to hold on to the Varsity Cup for a total of 27 years in a row (so since the first whistle was blown here on campus).

"Team Warwick is back! Team Warwick represents one community of players, spectators, active groups and sports fans coming together to support each other to achieve within sport at Warwick. It’s a huge network of likeminded people, celebrating our institution and all things sporty. Whether you want to compete, get active or socialise, do not hesitate to get involved and be part of something special – it’s your sport, your team colours, and your Team Warwick." Ellie Martin, Sports Officer, Students Union

People from all 65 student sports clubs in their uniform posing with their equipment, reads "It

However, it’s more than just a competition. Team Warwick is about sport being for everyone, whether player or spectator, and the energy and excitement of being part of it. There’s so much you can get out of being part of a club, consider just the following:

Sport and happiness:

“Compared to non-sport activities (e.g., work, study, socializing, exercising), sport participation and sport spectating had positive, stronger and more comprehensive needs fulfilment and thus well-being effects.”*


The benefits of being part of a team:

It’s not all about winning, but playing a role as well. Being part of a club means having a shared identity that is formed as a team, learning important lessons about cooperation, and more generally the social communion that team sports allow. A new research paper by the London School of Economics says, “When competing and succeeding in sport, this study shows that the social environment of the team is important in terms of overall life-satisfaction.

"We found that this can be explained by the social interaction and feelings of identity that comes from being a team member, which are not as present when an athlete pursues their own individual goals” - Dr Chia-Huei Wu, Assistant Professor of Management at LSE.**

What sport can do for you:

As it’s probably one of the most well-known and talked about aspects of sport and an active lifestyle, just a small note here to remind you that sport can make you feel more energised, be healthier, stay fit for longer and increase overall wellbeing and attitude towards life.


The range of sports available:

With over 65 clubs, 30 different sports on offer on a weekly basis and a huge range of special events, unique classes and activities, we have something for everyone, and if you do have a passion for a sport not yet on our programme, get in touch, we’d love to try it out.


Different levels of accessibility:

The University of Warwick prides itself on its diversity and equality, wellbeing framework and accessibility. We are no different. Our programs are designed to be accessible to all and we are #ReshapingSport together with the SU.

If there’s one thing to remember from this article is that sport and activity is for everyone and everyone is part of Team Warwick. And as it’s your Team Warwick we invite you all to be part of it. So put the Varsity dates in your diary and get ready to see our teams compete for the glory.

We would love it if you could show the students your support using #TeamWarwick, and even more if you get as creative as you want to be with it.

A final message from Lisa Dodd-Mayne, our Director of Sport and Active Communities:

Our Team Warwick campaign is back again and this year will be bigger and better! Take a look at the fantastic imagery that you can see all around campus. It’s a great opportunity for us all to come together to celebrate everything that is great about sport at Warwick. Whether you are a competitor in the sports competitions, a supporter, reporting on the activity as part of one of our great media societies or just generally want to feel part of the team, join in – after all - We are all part of Team Warwick !”

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