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Team Warwick Performance Clubs Announced

Team Warwick Performance is an integral part of the pathway for the ‘whole offer’ vision for sport at Warwick, in line with being the most active campus by 2020.

For every athlete at University of Warwick who wants to achieve their full potential, the programme provides a platform for talented athletes to develop sports specific and lifelong interpersonal skills.

The different levels that have been awarded are based on five different measures.

Performance, engagement, communication, vision and finances of the club.

This year’s clubs and their relevant level of award.

  • Squash Platinum
  • Badminton Platinum
  • Archery Gold
  • Cricket Silver (new this year)
  • Hockey Silver
  • Rugby Union Silver
  • Volleyball Silver
  • Rowing Bronze (new this year)
  • American Football Bronze (new this year)

In addition we have created new Team Warwick Performance fitness sessions, therefore, clubs will be training together to ensure that clubs that were not placed onto the programme can continue to train and improve.

Steve Fruer, Performance Sport Manager said: “We’re very excited to welcome some new clubs into the training programme this year. We are hoping with the new Team Warwick Performance pathway the clubs have a clear model on how to progress their clubs performance for the upcoming year. Our team of S&C coaches are looking forward to working with the clubs and getting stuck in to pre-season training and the year ahead“

The American Football Club, who are new in the programme said: “We are very excited for what this opportunity will mean for our club, and looking forward to contributing to the growth of sport at the university over the coming years. Thanks again for the opportunity, we look forward to validating your faith in the American Football club over the coming year!”

To find out more about this programme visit the Team Warwick Performance page.

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