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Term 2 Running and Swimming Grid Challenge Winners

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved in this term's Running and Swimming Grid Challenge. This term we've gone a total distance of 5946.45km (5518.1km running/walkinga nd 428.35km swimming) - that's the equivalent of walking all the way to Kazakhstan and nearly to China! Now without further ado, this term's winners are...

Overall Results

Overall Around the World Team CMCB Flyers Overall Around the Block Team Running Out of Patients
Overall Female Virginia Silio Overall Male Algis Toleikis
Male Swimmer Josh Patel Female Swimmer Rebecca Ewers
Female Runner Anne Straube Male Runner John Carey
Best Effort Carys Ward Best Effort Jose Ortiz Gonzalez

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners, the active team will be in touch with you when your prizes are ready to collect.

We hope to see everyone who participated back competing again next term - and if you haven't heard of the challenge before find out more on the event page.

Check out how your team and our top ten individuals got on:

Top Teams

1. CMCB Flyers 1806.01
2. #TeamLegoHeads 1330.23
3. Slow Motion 932.14
4. The Running Joke 593.26
5. Running Out of Patients 536.77
6. Baywatch Warwick 510.96
7. UoWTRCC 438.5
8. UWSWP 418.82
9. Runnin Angiotenswim 406.57
10. The Pacemakers 399.92
11. IER Runs 150.63
12. Couch 2 5K 143.52
13. Q&F 84
14. Elm Duo 52.89
15. Fitness Squad 26.58
16. Fetch Runners 18.8

Top Individuals

1. Algis Toleikis 258.8
2. Virginia Silio 225.89
3. Rebecca Ewers 210.2
4. John Carey 185.69
5. Matt Nicholson 169.03
6. Fabian Pridohl 163.6
7. Josh Patel 163.2
8. Anne Straube 155.96
9. Jose Ortiz Gonzalez 155
10. Shamira Naidu-Young 154.17