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Auto belays

What are they?

  • Auto Belays are self belaying devices that are a great training aid for all climbers of all abilities.
  • You clip into them, climb, and when you are ready to come down you lean back, hold the rope and they automatically lower you to the ground.

What Autobelays do you use?

  • We have three Head Rush Trublue

Are they safe?

  • Yes. They are fully certified and the Head Rush Trublue has never failed. We carry out regular safety checks on them all

What happens when I fall off?

  • The Trublue lowers you all the way to the ground.
  • It is important that when you are using them that you have no loose or hookable loops on your clothing which may cause an entrapment issue.

How many routes are accessible through them?

  • This will depend on the setting but roughly 10-12 routes on three lines.

Is there a weight limit?

  • The auto belays are rated up to 22st / 150kg.

Will they lower heavier climbers faster, and vice versa?

  • No, the lowering speed is constant regardless of your weight.

Can I come down and use them?

  • Yes, our auto belays are available throughout the day.
  • All climbers regardless of experience must undertake a University of Warwick auto belay induction (approx. 10 mins). At busy periods it may be difficult to do an induction without a prior appointment.
  • You'll then have to sign-in with the safety officer prior to each time you are using them.

Can I still top rope and/or lead climb?

  • Not on the lines with auto belays or those protected in the auto belay zones, but climbing on other panels is unaffected.