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Dorota Woloszynska


About Dorota

I am a fitness fanatic, promoting an active lifestyle and healthy eating, passionate about running. Sport is the integral part of my life and a key for a good mental and physical wellbeing. ‘Train wisely, eat well and rest’ that’s the motto.

My mission is to motivate others to successfully achieve health and ultimate goals. Interested in fitness industry over 18 years with a practical experience and self-discovery, I can help you in a training field (maximize workout efficiency, improve fitness, increase stamina, muscles and overall strength).

‘A training without a plan is only a wish’. My training plans are formed to develop specific, athletic skills or muscles to focus on raising a general physical fitness, to fit the individual needs.

Maybe would you like to start running and register for your first run race? Or you are a runner who needs a progress for a peak performance? I can guide you to achieve it! As an experienced runner and a coach can help to build a solid foundation for running. Offering the advice and keeping exercises complex with a strength training, you will improve your running economy, speed and decrease injury risk!


* Level 3 Personal Trainer

* Level 2 Gym Instructor

* Level 2 Fitness Instructor

* Licensed LiRF (Leader in Running Fitness, England Athletics

Areas of Expertise

* Cardiovascular and resistance training

* Core and Strength session

* Running (training plans for all distances, supplements, stretching)

* Flexibility and Balance;

* Functional Training with Omnia

* Nutrition and diet plans;

* Fitness Motivator

Contact Dorota

Dorota dot Woloszynska at warwick dot ac dot uk