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How to apply


An annual recognition of sports club standards.


Any sports club can apply.


Club recognition, financial rewards and additional resources.

Designed for you

Designed specifically for sports clubs at the University of Warwick.

How does it work?

  • Within each category a club can receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation based on meeting certain criteria standards.
  • These accrditations will highlight your clubs strengths and weaknesses to support future club development.
  • Depending on your clubs overall score you may also gain access to specific recognition and rewards for the following academic year.

Club benefits

In addition to the recognition of being a Sportmark club and being highlighted as a successful University club, there are also accreditation specific rewards.

Sportmark accredited club rewards

For all clubs who gain at least Bronze accreditation in one of the three areas.

  • Be taken into consideration for end of year sports awards. If your club wants to be considered for an award then you must ensure you have Sportmark accreditation.
  • Have their achievements highlighted on the Warwick Students' Union club directory pages.
  • Receive a specific logo related to their achievements, which can be used in any club promotional material.

Gold accreditation rewards

Clubs who achieve Gold accreditation in any of the three categories will also gain access to additional category specific rewards.

  • Participation: preferential training times; clubs will be given priority during the facility allocation.
  • Community: acccess to subsidised coaching and officiating qualifications for up to two members.
  • Competition: £200 financial reward to be spent on enhancing your club.

How to apply

There is some essential criteria that all clubs must first meet to gain any accreditation. Once met, there are three key categories that clubs can gain accreditation in.


  • Training essentials
  • Handover
  • Financial health
  • Membership
  • Good governance

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  • Impacts on the local community off-campus
  • Impacts on campus life
  • Fundraising
  • Innovation
  • Volunteering
  • Personal development

Apply 'Community'


  • Relative performance
  • Fulfilling fixtures
  • Sporting values
  • Coaching standards
  • Breadth of competitive opportunities

Apply 'Competition'


  • Participation pathways
  • Membership and recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Inclusive approach
  • Training
  • Qualified personnel

Apply 'Participation'