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One Big Thing Wall of Fame 2017

Steve Wilkes, Finance Office

"To make use of the new outdoor Activity Zone round the back of Claycroft, perhaps to charge my phone on one of the exercise machines... see you there, if you can track the Zone down too!"

Wilfrid Kendall, Statistics

"Couch to 5K"

Rob Underhay, Warwick Sport

"I will join the day walk and also commit to an evening run.

Helen Hewitt, The Library

"A 4km fun run/jog around campus, with a stop at the outside gym.

Andrew Marsh, Department of Chemistry

"I'll be doing "Bootcamp" at 7.30 am and really look forward to joining The Big Walk at lunchtime to get some fresh air on our beautiful campus."

Matt Nicholson, Warwick Sport - Club Development Officer

"Looking after 65 sports clubs in my role I pledge to do 65 minutes of exercise throughout the day!"

Joe Meagher, Statistics

"Athletics Training"

Matt Moores, Statistics

"Walk to Cryfield via Gibbet Hill and back to Scarman House

Jenny Ball, Warwick Sport

"I pledge to run 5km on the treadmill before starting work. #SeeYouDownTheGym"

Nora Keresztes, Global Sustainable Development

"I pledge to take the Insanity class"

Donna Howe, WCTU, Medical School

"I pledge to take part in The BIG walk."

Kemi Sonuga, WMG


Emma Hooton, Warwick Sport

"I am going to pledge to swim a total of 5 miles (8050m)."

Peter Dickinson, Institute for Employment Research

"To complete a half ironman."

Stuart Adam Henry, Chemistry

"To do a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session."

Martine J. Barons, Statistics

"Lunch time walk"

Robert Wells, Sport and Active Lifestyle Manager

"Performance Sport Manager has challenged me to a game of Squash. I will also do The Big Walk at lunch time and squeeze in a 150 press ups during the day."

Tim Kaye, Warwick Sport

"A 50 mile cycle on Wednesday 25th October"

Jean Noonan, History

"45 min Warwick Sport Bootcamp; One Big Thing Deskercise session; Lead Warwick Sport Couch 2 5k course; 8k evening run with hill reps.

Jo-Ann Withers, Warwick Print

"I pledge to go for a lunchtime run and drag as many of my colleagues out with me as possible!

Shamira Naidu-Young, Warwick Sport

"I will go for a run before cycling into work. I will also be taking part in the Night Walk in the evening.

Diversity & Inclusion Team

"The D&I Team walked back from the All Staff Meeting via the Claycroft Exercise area and tried out all the machines.... can we have one nearer University House! its fab :-)

Gemma Morris, Warwick Sport

"I will be going on The Big Walk at 12pm and will also be doing 200 sit ups, 200 squats and 100 press ups throughout the course of the day!!"

Akhmad Ginulur, Economics

"I'll go cycling to campus & break the record of every strava segments that come thorough."

Sarah Meharg, Mental Health and Wellbeing Team

"I won't bring my car to campus and will walk the last 2 miles of the journey."

Samantha Brace-McDonnell, WMS

"To park and walk from main campus to WMS 3 days a week and also to walk from Lynchgate at least 1 day a week"

Yue Li, Social Sciences

"Make a progress every day."

Ellie Martin, Students' Union

"Join in with as many Wednesday afternoon sports sessions as i can!."

Nomuundalai Tsogtgerel, Economics

"I will take boxing seriously and go to sessions at least once every week. I will work out and get into good shape during my stay at Warwick."

Wendy Coy, ITS

"I have parked in a car park further away than usual, and have meetings to walk to - should be around an extra 5000 steps for me today!"

Steve Fruer, Performance Sport Manager

"I will participate in The Big Walk at Lunch time and play a game squash against Mr. Wells"

Matt Jones, Life Sciences

"Get involved with squash.