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Message from Stuart Croft

"Warwick is actively participating in One Big Thing on October 25. Last year, 38,000 people took part and we want to encourage many more this year.
I’m pledging to walk around campus as much as possible so keep an eye out for me but I’d like to request your support with this too, by asking you to promote the day with your staff, colleagues and students and encourage their involvement if they so wish. Posters and communications will be going around campus and we would appreciate your support in reinforcing the messages.

I appreciate it is often hard to get away from your desk or to find the time to do anything active but Warwick has an ambition to be the UK’s most active campus by 2020. There is strong evidence to show that even small amounts of physical activity every day can have a huge impact on health, stress management and lifestyle. As an employer and as a home to thousands of students, we’re doing a lot of work to create an environment that encourages participation in activity, whatever that looks like for you as an individual.

If you believe in our ambition and would like to take part in this initiative, whether it’s taking the stairs instead of the lift, holding a walking meeting or trying one of the free initiatives on offer at Warwick Sport on the day. It would be fantastic if you let us know in advance so that we can promote your pledge and persuade others to get involved.”

- Stuart Croft Vice Chancellor and President
of the University of Warwick