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Car parking

There is an on-site car park at the Sports and Wellness Hub which operates a ticketless car parking system using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software.

All customers have the opportunity to park on-site at the Sports and Wellness Hub, however please note that charges will apply.

Parking is free for community (public) members for up to three hours only. Community members must have a Sports and Wellness Hub membership to be entitled to free parking.

An example of our standard Car Park charges are:

  • £1.20 for 1 hour (free for community members)
  • £2.40 for 2 hours (free for community members)
  • £3.60 for 3 hours (free for community members)
  • £4.80 for 4 hours
  • £2.40 for each additional hour after

Please note that parking charges will apply on evenings and on weekends as shown above.

After your visit to the Sports and Wellness Hub, you will be required to pay on exit at the Pay machines at the prevailing rate. At the machine, you will be prompted to enter your vehicle registration, and will then see the camera photo of the vehicle as it entered the car park, and be asked to confirm your car.

Where can staff, students and and alumni park?

University of Warwick issued parking permits are not valid in our on-site car park.

University students, staff, retired staff and alumni have access to the Lakeside Village temporary car park free of charge (before 8am and from 5pm Monday to Friday, plus weekends) as well as any other car parks on campus where University parking permits are eligible.

A new car park for University parking permit holders will be opening late summer 2019 close to the Sports Hub.

Until July, the nearest staff permit car park is Kirby Corner Cark Park which has 1300 spaces and is, on average, a 10 minute walk to the Sports and Wellness Hub via Scarman Road (please note walking times are dependent on individual walking speeds and routes taken). Find out more about other car parks where University parking permits are eligible.