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6 cardio exercises to do at home

Work up a sweat with a range of cardio exercises that are easy to do at home. Follow the descriptions and videos with options to progress or regress each exercise.

3 simple Pilates movements for beginners

Interested in trying out Pilates? Begin your practice by starting off with our 3 easy to follow movements.

10 health & wellbeing podcasts to listen to

Podcasts are a brilliant way to educate yourself, self-reflect, and at the bare minimum liven up mundane chores like cleaning or grocery shopping.

I move to | Tom's story

At 72, Tom had never used a gym before and thought they were only places for macho, sweaty men. He has always thought it’s important to maintain fitness and health though, and discovered the Sports & Wellness Hub.

Thu 26 Sep 2019, 09:42 | Tags: Active lifestyle, I move to

5 ways to help make sport trans-accessible

Sport is for everyone. With that in mind, it’s important to remove as many barriers as possible to make sport, fitness and wellness easier to access for all – no matter how they identify themselves.

Wed 25 Sep 2019, 09:27 | Tags: Active lifestyle, Health and wellbeing

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