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Fully equipped gym that raises the bar

Strength training

A dedicated zone for improving strength, size, power or endurance.

Open to everyone of all abilities and ambitions

Sled track and training rigs for heavy weight lifting

Free weights, including lighter weights zone

Go for gold with Olympic lifting platforms

Included for Gym and All-inclusive members

See what you're capable of

Lift, push and pull yourself to your next level of fitness. Improve your strength and fitness or workout to reach your peak athletic performance.

  • Cardio, resistance, free weight and functional training
  • Sled track
  • Training rigs
  • 13 Olympic lifting platforms

A sled led workout

Prepare yourself for the sled track. A body conditioning, strength building cardio workout that builds core and leg muscle.

This sled isn't bringing any presents though, only full-body punishment. Load it up with weights and push it (and yourself) to new levels along the numbered track.

Ready for some heavy lifting

Enjoy dedicated space to lift and improve your strength and power with 13 Olympic lifting platforms.

Located towards the rear of the strength training area in the gym, get the quiet you need to focus on your snatch, clean and jerk.

Reach peak performance

And whilst the peak is different for everyone, the benefits are the same.

Strength and conditioning gym equipment strengthens your body, improves your physical health and helps you to lose body fat and define muscle. It's great for general fitness and to improve athletic performance.

Different weights. No waiting.

Lighter weights to tone and shape. Heavier weights to increase strength and size.

You’ll find free weights and functional training equipment in the dedicated strength and conditioning area, meaning you can lift your way.

And with plenty of equipment available, its all weights, no waiting.

Join the gym

Join our Coventry gym or go all in and get more.

Gym membership

Gym Fitness Classes Swim

£39.50 per month

All inclusive membership

Gym Fitness Classes Swim Tennis Climbing Badminton & squash

Only £49.50 per month