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I move to

We move to
feel better

Real people. Real stories. Real results. Find out what moves members at the Sports and Wellness Hub.

Is it your time to move?

Whatever your reason for exercise, we have something to get you moving at the University of Warwick Sports and Wellness Hub.

From activities for families, to helping motivate those that struggle to commit to exercise or even the elite athlete.

You can’t fail to achieve your goals with us.

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I move to improve my body shape.

"My main goal is weight loss and feel a little bit better about myself."

Marcus' story

I move to get fit for diving.

"The gym is packed with really great equipment that helps me achieve my goals."

Sue's story

I move to maintain fitness.

"Work can be quite intense and I find exercise quite relaxing and therapeutic."

Sajid's story

We move to do more together.

"It's just been brilliant coming as a family. Its good for all ages."

Cromarty family's story

I move to stay strong.

"I joined the gym and I’d never used a gym before. And I’m 72."

Tom's story

Is it your time to move?

A range of membership options including going all in with Inclusive.

Inclusive membership

Swim Gym Fitness Classes Tennis Climbing Badminton & squash

Only £49.50 per month