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Smashing Results for our Volleyball Teams

Great results for our Performance Sport Volleyball teams at the Student Cup Finals last weekend - finsihing as one of only 4 teams to have both men's and womn's teams in the top 8. See the team's event report in full to find out how they got on and where you can catch them in action next...

volleyball1.jpeg volleyball2.jpeg

A message from our Club Development Officer for World Mental Health Day

Our Club Development Officer Matt has a great message to clubs for World Mental Health Day.

Remember Mental Health is important to everyone and the University is committed to providing an environment in which to work and study which supports the wellbeing of all staff and students. So even if you’re not be part of a sports club it’s worth thinking about how this might be relevant to you, whether it’s in your workplace, department, social circles, residences or elsewhere.

Tue 10 Oct 2017, 10:17 | Tags: Students, Team Warwick

Great news for our very own Tom Hall - Team GBR

Tom Hall, one of the Archery Scholars and a Chemistry PHD student, has been selected to represent Team GBR at this year’s World University Games in Chinese Taipei, 19 – 30th August.

Tom Hall

Wed 19 Jul 2017, 09:29 | Tags: Articles, Campus, Staff, Students, feature-01, Team Warwick

Tom Hall: World Archery

After crashing out in the first round, stage 1 of the World Cup in Shanghai, Tom only had a couple of weeks to pull himself together for stage 2 in Antalya, Turkey. A week of hard physical training with a more powerful bow and a good result at the UK masters, set him up well this time and he came in feeling more confident and determined to do better.

Tom Hall

(Photo credit: World Archery)

Alice Cobb: From Student to Racer

This time last year, Alice Cobb was preparing to help launch the first ever Warwickshire stage of the Women's Tour at the University of Warwick as a member of the Cycling club. Fast forward 12 months, and she will be racing through our campus and her former place of study for 2017 OVO Energy Women's Tour.


VO2 Max and Lactate testing with Team Warwick Performance Scholar, James McCarthy

JM_vo2maxWe took Team Warwick's 1500m specialist, James McCarthy, to see Jo Hankey (Senior Lecturer in Sports and Exercise Science) at Coventry University to analyse his VO2 max performance ahead of his season of racing. V02 max is the maximum rate at which the heart, lungs, and muscles can effectively use oxygen during exercise. It's known as the gold standard measure of physical fitness because it measures a person's individual aerobic capacity, something incredibly important when James' races are often decided by a matter of seconds!

The aim of Team Warwick Performance is to support student athletes to reach their potential. We do this by creating an environment of excellence both for individuals and teams. Our support team provides a full programme of strength & conditioning, nutrition, dedicated coaching, injury rehabilitation and much more.

Find out more about James and his goals for the 2016/17 season

Thu 06 Apr 2017, 18:46 | Tags: Students, Team Warwick

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