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Upcoming changes to the class/court cancellation policy. Please read the below information carefully.

We are amending our class/court cancellation policy. Please read the below information carefully. Changes will come into place and be effective as of May 19 2018.

As part of our initiative to encourage our customers to partake in activities that are beneficial to their health, we have enabled booking 7 days in advance, along with pricing the classes at the most economic level or inclusive as part of a membership.

Unfortunately, we have found that our classes and activities are oversubscribed and fully booked, but the attendance is sometimes very low. We are sure that you can appreciate, this massively affects the dynamic of the class and it is also frustrating for our customers who cannot book onto a class and may have been added to the waiting list, but subsequently find out not everyone had attended and there was in fact space in the class.

Therefore we will be amending the cancellation policy. If you miss a class or a court booking you will be charged the value of the booking which you missed. Charges will be applied directly to your account, and access to the sports centre facilities and services is only possible once the charge has been paid for.

Charges explained:

  • Class: £3.10
  • Badminton Court booking: £6.15
  • Squash Court booking: £5

To avoid being charged follow these two-steps

If you know you are unable to attend the class you can cancel this online in the My booking section, you can also call Reception on 02476523011 or 02476523039. A minimum of 4 hours’ notice is required for cancellation. This allows enough time to contact those on the waiting list.

Always scan your card through Reception turnstiles, as it is this action that attends you at the class. Even if the gate is open. Otherwise your attendance will not be recorded.

If it is part of your membership package or you have a usage subscription you can cancel in the My Bookings section.

If you have paid for the class, you will be unable to process a refund through the website, please call Reception (4 hours’ notice required and acknowledged by us) who can process this for you.

For further questions and concerns please contact

Interested in the fine print? Read our membership terms and conditions.