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Tops Tips to Make Sure You Can Stay Active

While for some of us getting active can be a challenge, for others it's staying active that becomes difficult. Whether it's an injury, forgetfullness, or just general life that seems to get in the way, check out the advice from our Clinical Lead Physiotherapist Natasha on how to look after your body and make staying active that little bit easier.

1. Warm Up

Get the heart beating faster and blood pumping around the body to the major muscle groups you are about to use. You can always get some advice on dynamic stretching and warm up ideas from the Sports Centre Staff or Physiotherapy Team on campus.

2. Cool Down

Make time at the end of your session to perform simple stretches of all the major muscle groups, this helps your recovery so you are ready for your next training session.

someone receiving physiotherapy for a knee injury

3. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Seek advice on any old injuries that have stopped you in the past before it's too late. Our Therapists take a whole body approach meaning they can provide you with injury prevention tips for any sport or activity you are, or are wanting to participate in.

4. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

You've probably heard this one before but from a Physiotherapist's perspective it really is important to plan your weekly exercise routine. Focus on making sure you ease yourself into activity after any time off and increase the intensity, distance or duration of exercise one week at a time.

 someone stretching in a class

5. Don't Overdo It

If you're out for a run and feeling good that's great, but it doesn't always mean you should run for longer. If you suddenly end up running an extra 3-5km in a week, your body won't always thank you for it. In our Physiotherapy Clinic we see lots of overuse injuries from people who have increased their load out of the blue, so just be sensible and try to avoid doing too much too quickly.

6. Do Something You Enjoy

We've said this one before but we definitely can't emphasise it enough: if it's fun you're much more likely to stick to it. That said don't panic if you haven't found an activity you enjoy yet; people are always getting creative with new ways to get active - check out what's already on offer, do something a bit different at one of our special events, or let us know what you'd like to see us do.

7. The 21 Day Rule

It takes 21 days to make a habit, so sticking to your training regime for 21 days is more likely to make staying active a habit that's easier to keep up.

When it comes down to it staying active is all about finding what works for you, and that's going to take time, and look different for everyone, just remember to keep your body in mind, especially when you're trying new activities, and always come and visit the Phsyiotherapy Clinic if you've got any aches, pains, questions or concerns.