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#WarwickGirlsCan - "I feel stronger." "This was inspirational." "Really helped de-stress."

Last week saw another fun, inspirational and hugely successful #WarwickGirlsCan week. The week was all about getting women of all ages, staff and students, together to celebrate being active and to embrace the fun and feel good side of female participation in sport and activity.

From high energy classes that had most of us sweating away, and some women keeping up their sweaty selfie game on social media, to taking some all important me-time to relax and unwind. It was great to see so many women embracing activity and taking time to focus on their health and wellbeing right here on campus.

Thank you to everyone who got involved – attending and supporting the events, sharing their stories and getting involved on social media. Please keep sharing your snaps from the events, or you sporting your #WarwickGirlsCan t-shirts (if you were lucky enough to get one), with us @warwicksport we’d love to see them.

Take a look at what some of our attendees had to say:

“This was inspirational! I love the support you offer. Please keep doing this.”

“I feel stronger. Thank you.”

“Thank you for the boxing class! Exhaustion + fun = best combination.”

“JUST DO IT! A great event to attend to help unwind and reconnect with yourself.”

“Haven’t danced before – loved it! Really helped de-stress!”

If you’re missing the events already or are looking for some extra motivation or inspiration you can still access the full #WarwickGirslCan webpage, including all the women’s stories, here.

Even though the week is over we hope you continue to feel a part of this vision and that you are empowered and enabled to progress in your active journey, whatever that looks like for you.

You can take advantage of many of our services already dedicated to supporting women in sport – from female-only swimming and self-defence, to ladies boxing classes and soccercise coming next term, wildcats football club for girls aged 5-11 or get involved in a women’s sports team.

It may also be worth checking out some of our other services, including our free health and wellbeing classes, special events, and more.

100 Catch Challenge


Dance Workshop

Box Fit Polaroid

Magda doing Yoga in a Warwick Girls Can t-shirt

Sweaty Selfie of UWWNC