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Physiotherapy clinic


Sports massage and physiotherapy clinic in Coventry

The physiotherapy service at the Sports and Wellness Hub is temporarily closed and we are hoping to have a new third-party physiotherapy provider operating by early 2021.

Register your interest and we’ll be in touch when we have more information.

Register your interest

Frequently Asked Questions

a) What is happening?

Warwick Sport are committed to providing all customers with a wide range of high quality services, including a full-service physiotherapy experience. The current service has been closed and we hoping to have a new provider operating in the Sports and Wellness Hub by early 2021. Once a new provider has been confirmed, we will contact customers with further details.

b) Can I continue to make appointments?

Unfortunately, customers will be unable to book new appointments at this time and until a new provider is operating in the Sports and Wellness Hub. However, you can register your interest to be one of the first to find out about what is happening with our new physiotherapy service.

c) I’m a customer. What will happen to my personal details and medical notes?

Until there is a change of operator we will continue to adhere to the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) guidelines regarding the retention and use of medical records. When there is a change of operator we will communicate with all customers regarding the transfer.

d) What do i do if I was treated for an on-going condition?

If you were being treated for something from which you have not yet fully recovered and you still require treatment unfortunately you will need to explore other providers in the short term. If you are experiencing any increase in discomfort or worsening symptoms you should access NHS services, including GP’s, 111 or A&E, to seek appropriate medical advice.