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Walk around the globe

Walk around the globe

Walk around the globe challenge

Join us to collectively walk around the globe from the comfort of your own home.

In this group challenge everyone can use your daily steps around the house and/or on our daily outside exercise activity to achieve enough steps to walk around the globe.

You can use whichever tracker or app you prefer and there are even stops along the way where you can find out some interesting facts about the landmarks and countries we will pass through along the way.

Feel connected

You may have seen lots of posts already about different ways to stay active at home, but for lots of us we will also be missing the feeling of community and contributing towards something as a team. In this challenge, we will all need to work together to achieve our goal and everyone can take part no matter how much or little you think you can commit.

How to join in

Get setup and start walking the globe together.

Visit World Walking and set up an account.

It will prompt you to link your Fitbit if you have one. Don’t worry if not, you can still add steps manually from whichever tracker or phone app you use.

Go to My Groups and search for 'University of Warwick'. Join the ‘Around the Globe’ Challenge and get stepping.

Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and join our Walk around the globe event.

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