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Simply fill in the application form and we will get back to you with all the opportunities you can get involved with.

There are lots of reasons why you should volunteer including:

  • Increasing your employability skills and make your CV stand out from others
  • Help to shape the Health and Wellbeing programme and university sport as a whole
  • Gain new skills and training
  • Meet new people and keep active
  • Make a difference to your university

We are looking to support mentees across a range of activities and encourage volunteers with a range of activity backgrounds.

You will complete up to 3.5 hours of training to support you in this role, including:

  • A role specific ‘Get Active Mentor’ workshop on how you can best support your mentee(s) including how to identify motives for change, SMART goal setting and strategies for overcoming barriers
  • University of Warwick online Safeguarding Essentials training
  • Mental Health in Sport workshop

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t volunteered before. We are looking for people that are friendly and passionate about involving more people in activity, any other skills you can develop along the way.

Not at all - you don’t have to be a top athlete to be a mentor, all you need is a passion for sport or activity and the desire to get more people involved.

Mentors are asked to meet with each mentee (maximum of two) for a minimum of 30mins a week and will receive rewards for up to 1hour 30mins spent with each mentee per week. Mentors will be automatically rewarded an additional 15 minutes per hour logged for time spent planning sessions/communicating with their mentee(s). A suggested week by week outline can be seen below:

Week 1 - Meet with your mentee(s), discuss motivations for becoming active and agree goals (30mins), physical activity or sport (30mins).

Weeks 2 to 4 - Physical activity and/or sport for between 30mins and 1 hour 30mins - divded into hour/half hour long sessions as appropriate.

Week 5 - Meet with your mentee to review goals and agree goals for the next five weeks.

Weeks 6 to9 - Physical activity and/or sport for between 30mins and 1 hour 30mins - divided into hour/half hour long sessions as appropriate.

Week 10 - Review goal progress and consider a plan ongoing (30 mins), phyiscal activity or sport (30mins).

If you don’t log your hours we have no way of knowing how many hours you have done, and therefore won’t be able to reward you for your hard work.

Yes - the more volunteering you do, the more rewards you are entitled to. You can work towards gaining a variety of qualifications and other rewards, such as clothing, along the way.

Yes. We will always try to match Mentors with apporpriate mentee(s) and vice versa which means we're looking for undergraduate and postgraduate students from all years of study as well as staff to get involved.