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For departmental staff: internship, traineeship, research only applications

Following Brexit, all British universities had to leave the Erasmus programme in May 2023. Some interns/trainees who come to Warwick may still be able to claim Erasmus funding from a separate European university they are studying with, but this is something they must discuss with their home university - Warwick has no involvement in this possible source of funding. They may be students at their home university, but if they are interns or trainees at Warwick that means they are not students at Warwick. So this means that the Student Mobility team no longer have any dealings with interns or trainees who come to work at Warwick. The department who accepts them is responsible for administering them.

From 2007 to May 2023 the Erasmus programme incorporated internships/traineeships as additional funding opportunities in the UK. As the number of requests for interns increased from our European partners the Student Mobility team arranged with ITS services an appropriate process to provide the interns' University cards without them being entered on SITS which would have invalidated their Erasmus+ funds.

It is recommended that departments set up their own Internship page if they wish to accept interns who are also unable to be registered through SITS, for funding reasons for example.

For information the details required by IT Services to produce a card can be seen here. Excel

If your intern/trainee needs a visa to work with you in the UK please make it clear to them that it's their responsibility to find out how to get one. The Immigration Team's page for visiting research students may also be relevant.

Requesting an ID Card

IT Services will be able to provide a Warwick ID Card upon receipt of the completed excel sheet attached above

  1. Ensure all of the details are on the excel file
  2. Email the spreadsheet to IT Services ( requesting an ID card to be produced and ready for printing by Student Reception Senate House
  3. IT Services will upload the data and create an ID number and ensure that the card is ready for production
  4. IT Services will email to inform you that the card is ready

You may wish to make use of this confidentiality agreement.