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All-staff meeting October 2017

We held our term 1 all-staff meeting on 25 October. If you weren’t able to join us – or you’d like to recap what was discussed – here’s a summary of the meeting.

Excellence with relevance: Warwick’s 2030 draft vision statement

Vice-Chancellor Stuart Croft began the meeting by sharing Warwick’s draft vision statement. As we navigate an ever-changing world, it’s important for us to consider our values and strategy. We need to think about what kind of an institution we want to be and how we can get there. We’ll start to consider the latter from February 2018, but in the meantime, how can we all contribute to planning the former?

Stuart summarised the draft vision statement:

Research and education

Our mission is to further research and education. It’s crucial that we commit to this in our vision statement and focus on what kind of education and research we’re providing.


Creating quality public spaces that contribute to people’s health, happiness and overall wellbeing is something that could be an integral part of Warwick’s vision. There are different types of placemaking:

  • Economic: For example the new National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC).
  • Cultural: Warwick Arts Centre 20:20, our work on Coventry’s City of Culture bid.
  • Social: Being part of and delivering for our communities, and creating links with local organisations and businesses.
International focus

Warwick is committed to serving both our local community and increasing our global connections – so what does this mean? A global strategy implies we’re everywhere all of the time, and this isn’t possible, so we need to find ways to create elements of focus:

  • Across the EU: Let’s focus our time and energy on particular regions, and deepen our existing relationships across the continent.
  • Partnerships: We have some very successful partnerships. We’ve learnt about how to develop links and relationships but how should we consider applying this knowledge to other areas globally?
Social inclusion and widening participation

We know that there are some people with tremendous talent who are not getting the grades or opportunities they need to take advantage of an education at Warwick. It’s our responsibility to improve this. How can we ensure we're supporting and getting the best out of the right people?


The University was set up in the 1960s with innovation in mind. We have many entrepreneurial students, so how can we support them? How can we ensure they’re equipped with the skills and knowledge they need in order to get a professional start to their career?

Next steps

The draft vision has placeholder statements – nothing is set in stone and Stuart is keen to have feedback on the draft vision from everyone across the University.

The draft will be submitted to Senate in January and Council in February so now is your chance to share your views to help to create an even more inclusive, global and sustainable Warwick.

One Big Thing

Gemma Morris, Head of Delivery at Warwick Sport, talked to colleagues about One Big Thing. This day-long incentive took place on Wednesday 25 October – the same day as the all-staff meeting – and was a way for colleagues and students to take time out of their day to get active. Check out the pledges from across the University

Gemma encouraged all of us to be active on a daily basis – we can pledge to do different things each day, from a quick walk around campus or some deskercises through to a Warwick Sport class or a trip to the new activity zone. Visit the Warwick Sport site to find out more about how you can keep active throughout the week.

Want to share your views on the all-staff meeting?

We’d welcome your feedback on this meeting and on potential topics for future staff meetings - get in touch