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University Executive Team

University Executive Board
SCroft C Ennew R Sandby-Thomas
Professor Stuart Croft
Vice-Chancellor & President
Professor Christine Ennew OBE
Rachel Sandby-Thomas CB
C Hughes p_thomas.png S Swain
Professor Chris Hughes
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Professor Pam Thomas
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Professor Simon Swain
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Engagement)
r_drinkwater.png  Rupert Lawrie  Sharon Tuersley
Rosie Drinkwater
Group Finance Director
Rupert Lawrie
Commercial Director
Sharon Tuersley
Secretary to Council
Roles that support the Executive Team:
Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellors
DL n_driffield.png SH
Professor David Lamburn
Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Professor Nigel Driffield
Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Regional)
Professor Sean Hand
Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Europe)
SJ Gwen Van Der Velden  Jackie Hodgson
Professor Stephen Jarvis
Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Professor Gwen Van Der Velden
Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor
(Student Learning Experience)

Professor Jackie Hodgson
Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research
(Arts, Social Sciences and Interdisciplinarity)

Academic Directors
Professor Andy Clark
Academic Director (Undergraduate Studies)
Professor Colin Sparrow
Academic Director (Graduate Studies)
Professor Jonothan Neelands
Academic Director (Cultural Partnerships)
Kerry K Louisa Gracia  PT
Professor Kerry Kirwan
Academic Director (Research)
Professor Louise Gracia
Dean of Students
Professor Patrick Tissington
Academic Director (Employability and Skills)
Dr Will Curtis
Academic Director (Partnerships)