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Warwick's professional services for the future

Following the appointment of Rachel Sandby-Thomas as Registrar, and with changes to the senior management structure of the University, there will be some organisational changes to the University’s professional services.

These changes build upon the earlier creation of groups intended to ensure the most effective focusing of Warwick’s suite of professional services. These changes equip the University to deliver excellence in the support for teaching and research ambitions and Warwick’s strategic vision.

As previously announced Jo Horsburgh, as Strategy Director, will lead a new Strategy and Transformation Group and report directly to me. The group will comprise Strategic Planning and Analytics (led by Giles Carden) and Strategic Programme Delivery (led by Ros Roke).

Philippa Glover, as Secretary to Council, is the strategic adviser to the Chair and members of the Council – supporting them to give clear direction to the University Executive, ensuring compliance, assessment of overall institutional and sector impact and ensuring the highest standards of governance throughout the University in line with our statutes, ordinances and regulations and best practice in the sector. Philippa will continue to lead the Governance, Internal Audit, and Institutional Resilience teams.

A Commercial Director will be appointed and report directly to me and will join the University’s Executive Board. The Director will lead the commercial group businesses, focusing on growing and strengthening the portfolio. We hope to make this appointment shortly.

Warwick Accommodation will move to the Estates Office under the leadership of James Breckon as Director of Estates, recognising the close working relationship required between estates services and staff and student accommodation during a significant capital investment in the residential estate in the coming years. James will report to Rosie Drinkwater, Group Finance Director.

IT Services (to include Warwick Print) will move to become part of the Registrar’s area of responsibility with Mike Roberts, as IT Director, reporting to Rachel. This will ensure the delivery of a complex programme of IT projects supporting improvements in student and staff experience. Mike will continue to lead the work of the Warwick Arts Centre and Warwick Sports until the Commercial Director is in post.

Further organisational line management changes across professional services reporting to the Registrar are as follows:

The Academic Resources and Education Group:
  • Mike Glover will lead the Academic Resources and Education Group to comprise: the Academic Office, Teaching Quality, Student Recruitment and Outreach, Student Careers and Skills, and working with the Office for Global Engagement.
  • Roberta Wooldridge Smith will continue as the Deputy Academic Registrar in support of Mike.
The Knowledge Group:
  • Robin Green will lead the Knowledge Group to comprise: the University Library, Research and Impact Services, and Warwick Ventures.
  • Catherine Cochrane will be the Deputy Director in support of Robin.
The People Group:
  • Gillian McGrattan will lead the People Group to comprise: Human Resources, Organisational Development, Health and Safety, and Wellbeing.
  • Geraldine Mills will be the Deputy Director in support of Gillian.
  • As a new formation, Wellbeing will comprise a range of activities and services in support of the best possible environment to live, work and study for staff and students.
  • John Phillips will continue to lead the Health and Safety team, as well as Occupational Health, reporting to the Director of People.
The External Engagement Group:
  • Ian Rowley will lead the External Engagement Group to comprise: University Marketing and Communication, Development, European Engagement, Regional and Business Engagement, and the Office for Global Engagement.
  • Helen Pennack will be the Deputy Director in support of Ian.
  • There will be the creation of a new European Engagement Team led by Nikki Muckle to drive forward Warwick’s interests in Europe and reporting to Ian.
  • A new Regional and Business Engagement Team led by Kate Hughes to work with our business, regional and national partners and reporting to Ian.
  • The coalescence of marketing and communications teams as one unit, led by Helen Pennack.
A number of teams will also continue to report directly to the Registrar:
  • Peter Dunn will continue to lead the Press and Media Relations team in their work to tell Warwick’s story to the media.
  • Yvonne Salter Wright will continue to lead the University’s work in delivery assurance and resolution.
  • Bob Hogg will lead the University’s developments in California working closely with Professor Séan Hand, the University’s senior academic appointment to the California partnership as Dean of the Warwick in California Graduate School.
  • Simon Gilling will continue to lead the provision of legal guidance and working across teams as the University’s Legal Advisor.

It is intended that these changes will take effect immediately. If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact me.




6 October 2016




Professional Services Organogram 2016

The University's professional services.

View of a copy of the Professional Services organogram (PDF Document)