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APSG Planning Round 17 - 18


The APSG Planning Round will result in a submission to the Financial Planning Sub-Committee (early May).

Throughout April, Directors will be asked to pull together strategic priorities within their groups for discussion at Grid Meetings (or equivalent) with the Registrar and/or Executive Board members.

Grid meeting pro-forma

Ahead of Grid Meetings, Directors should complete the attached online pro-forma, using any of the template documents below to assist with costings and risk registers.

Grid Meeting Pro-forma

Template documents

To assist in preparing for Grid Meetings, Directors may find the attached documents of use.

University Risk Register

Costing tool


If you have any queries, please contact the team members below:

Costing queries/ financial questions: Louise Ashley (Finance Office)

Grid meeting dates/ documentation: Adam Waddingham (Executive Office)

APSG meeting dates: Carol Walker (Strategic Planning and Analytics.

APSG Group Secretary: Dr Giles Carden


Upcoming dates

5 April

Registrar and Finance Business Partner meet and consider the roll over plan.

10 April - 26 April

Grid meetings (or equivalent) held to shape up plans within each group, including:

• 10th April People Group
• 13th April Engagement Group
• 18th April Education Group

• 19th April Knowledge Group

12 April

Registrar, Group Finance Director, and Strategy Director meet to updates on priorities within the remaining envelope.

26 April

APSG meeting to consider detailed resource requests submitted and any linkages/thematic priorities across services.

The APSG envelope and shape of the FPSC paper need to have been finalised as a result of this meeting.

8 May

APSG meets to consider the draft submission to FPSC.