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Rachel Sandby-Thomas CB Registrar
Wendy Taylor Senior PA
Adam Waddingham Assistant Registrar
Strategic Planning & Analytics Office
Dr Giles Carden Director of Strategic Planning & Analytics 50432
Naomi Mouland PA to the Director and Information Officer 75299
Paul Johnstone Head of Analytics 50948
Brian Karanja Senior Business Analytics Analyst/Developer 73964
Rory McIntyre Senior Assistant Registrar (Planning) 22470
Carol Walker Assistant Registrar (Strategic Planning & Analytics) 74800
Rob Seavers Assistant Registrar (Strategic Planning & Analytics) 74346
Martin Lammertsma Assistant Registrar (Planning) 72608
Emma Ford Statistical Returns Officer 50239
Samuel Cole Assistant Registrar (REF & Research Planning) / [Career Break] 50433
Kirsty Jenkins Assistant Registrar (Planning & Analytics) / [Maternity Leave] 50071
Sean Gallagher Researcher (TEF)  
Scott Lloyd Senior Assistant Registrar (Space Management and Timetabling 22634
Joey Micklewright Timetabling Systems Manager 22787
Rob McClean Senior Timetabling Officer 51203
Sharon Udall Administrative Officer (Timetabling) 24424
Hywel Rowles Assistant Registrar (Space Management and Timetabling) 75336
Liberty Heath Space Management Assistant 23634
Strategic Programme Delivery
Ros Roke Director of Strategic Programme Delivery 74974
Ailsa Chambers Project Director (Warwick in California) 07469 020737
Allison Cowling Projects Officer (Warwick in California) 74113
Eliza Gaffney Assistant Registrar (Strategic Programme Delivery)
Becky Lees Senior Assistant Registrar (Strategic Programme Delivery) 74113
Jill Shaw Assistant Registrar (Strategic Programme Delivery) 28635
Hilary Watson Assistant Registrar (Strategic Programme Delivery) 28584
Emma Melia Senior Assistant Registrar (Strategic Programme Delivery) 74106
Emma Morrison Projects Officer (Strategic Programme Delivery) 74975