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Press and Media Relations

About Press and Media Relations

The role of the Press and Media team is to promote the University as a place of high quality teaching and high quality academic research. We can offer advice and support about how to get your research stories into the media and how to get your work in front of policymakers.

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Expert comment

We have academic experts who can talk on a wide range of topics. Search our Experts Directory or contact us for assistance. Also visit our comment section.

Broadcast studio

We have in-house broadcasting facilities for TV and radio. We have an ISDN line for radio and a remote camera (Globelynx TV Ready Network) for television interviews. Find out more



Latest Press Releases
Wed 21 Aug '19
What factors influence the ways people access and use antibiotics in low-and-middle-income countries?

It is often assumed that people use antibiotics inappropriately because they don’t understand enough about the spread of drug resistant superbugs. A new study published in the medical journal BMJ Open and led by Warwick researcher Marco J Haenssgen reveals that in fact basic understanding of drug resistance is widespread in Southeast Asia - and that higher levels of awareness are actually linked to higher antibiotic use in the general population.

Latest Expert Comment
Tue 20 Aug '19
Dr Andreas Kokkinis comments on a call to shift corporate priorities from profit to social purpose

"This move is less surprising than it appears at first blush." The heads of more than 180 US companies have issued a statement urging corporations to look beyond shareholder value and also focus on social responsibilities as well as profits. Dr Andreas Kokkinis of Warwick Law comments on this radical-seeming shift in US capitalism.