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Professional Services Structure

Executive Team
RST3 RD P Glover blank.png

Rachel Sandby-Thomas CB

Rosie Drinkwater
Group Finance Director
Phillipa Glover
Secretary to Council
To be appointed
Commercial Director


Organisational structure

Download a copy of the Organisational Structure here  

People Group

Geraldine Mills
Director, HR Engagement

John Phillips
Director, Health and Safety

Shirley Crookes
Head, Wellbeing

Mark Kennell
Head, Security Services

Gillian McGrattan
Director, People Group
Debbie Castle
Head, Children's Services
Trudie Donnelly
Director, Organisational Development


Education Group

Roberta Wooldridge-Smith
Director, Teaching Quality

Andrew Higgins
Director, Academic Office

Sue Bennett
Director, Student Careers and Skills

Delyth Chambers
Director, Recruitment, Outreach & Admissions

Dr Michael Glover
Director, Education Group

Engagement Group

Helen Pennack
Director, Marketing and Communication

Mary McGrath
Director, Development

Bob Hogg
Director, Business Engagement

To be appointed
Head, Public Relations

Ian Rowley
Director, Engagement Group


Knowledge Group

Catherine Cochrane
Director, Research Impact Services

Robin Green

Quentin Compton-Bishop
Director, Warwick Innovation

To be appointed
Director, Information and Data

Robin Green
Director, Knowledge Group


Strategy and Policy Group

Ailsa Chambers
Director, International Strategy and Relations

To be appointed
Head of Social Inclusion

Giles Carden
Director, Strategic Planning and Analytics

To be appointed
Head of Policy

To be appointed
Director of Strategy and Policy
Kate Hughes
Director, Regional Strategy and Partnerships

Finances and Resources Group
Andrew Smith

Steve Wilkes
Deputy Director (Commercial & Systems)

Debbie Jay
Deputy Director (Accounting)

Sam McClenaghan
Deputy Director (Departmental Services)

Chris Key
Deputy Director (Financial Control and Projects)

Andrew Smith
Director, Finance

Pauline Mealing
Head, Procurement and Insurance

Jenny Greenway
Director, Corporate Finance


Jo Ray
Head, Taxation


David Hammond
Director, Capital Programmes

Kevin Edwards
Director, Estates Finance

Wendy Roberts
Director, Warwick Accommodation

James Breckon
Director, Estates Group


Commercial Group

Paul Brewster
Director, Warwick Employment Group

Tom Britten
Director, Warwick Conferences

Tony Howard
Director, Retail, Cafes, Bars, and Restaurants

Alan Rivett
Director, Warwick Arts Centre

To be appointed
Commercial Director
Lisa Dodd-Mayne
Director, Warwick Sport

Registrar's Business Units

Peter Dunn
Director, Press and Media Relations

Yvonne Salter Wright
Director, Delivery Assurance and Resolution

To be appointed
Director, Legal and Compliance

Ros Roke
Director, Strategic Programme Delivery

Rachel Sandby-Thomas CB

Secretary to Council's Office

Emma Birch
Head, Governance

David Walker
Head, Internal Audit

Phillipa Glover
Secretary to Council
Ben Pithouse
Head, Institutional Resilience