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Professional Services changes - July 17

I arrived last September on the heels of a major reorganisation. This, combined with new appointments such as mine, has felt like a significant amount of change for everyone. My sense is that the new structure has now bedded down and is working well. However, the departure of some Directors provides an opportunity to look at it again, re-jig some bits and address some areas where I perceive there are gaps.

Those departures are:

• Jo Horsburgh – to York as Registrar
• Mike Glover – to Oxford as Director of Planning and Council Secretariat
• Simon Gilling – retired
• James Kennedy – retired
• Yvonne Salter Wright will leave in October to extend her systems leadership role in schools as a National Leader of Governance and to undertake additional voluntary work as a Chair of Governors and Director of a Multi-Academy Company.
• Mary McGrath will retire in December. We are interviewing for her successor this week.

The changes which are being introduced are:

• The creation of a new Strategy and Policy Group, headed up by a Director (currently being advertised). It will cover policy at regional, national and international level, making sure it is strategic and aligned. It will also cover our internal strategy function.

• The External Engagement Group will be renamed the Engagement Group.

• The appointment of a new Director of Information and Data who will be responsible at an institutional level for how we hold data, comply with regulation (including the General Protection of Data Regulation coming into force next May), and best use our data (about to be advertised).

• The appointment of a Director of Legal and Compliance to cover legal advice, contracts and institutional compliance (about to be advertised).

This will affect some teams as follows:

• A new Regional Strategy and Relations team will be developed in the Strategy and Policy Group to be headed up by Kate Hughes.

• Business Relations will remain in the Engagement Group. Until we recruit a head of the Business Relations team, Bob Hogg will provide leadership cover.

• Building on the Destination Warwick initiative, Public Relations in the Engagement Group will bring together the Community and Public Engagement teams to better support how we use campus as a space and location, as well as being good local neighbours, in addition to the off-campus and wider public engagement remit. Ian Rowley will act as Senior Link Officer to the Warwick Arts and Sports Centre (which are managed within the Commercial Group) to ensure good co-ordination across all our campus and community engagement activities.

• James Kennedy will not be replaced. Ailsa Chambers’ current role will be extended to Director of International Strategy and Relations within the Strategy and Policy Group. This will cover the Global Partnerships and European Strategy functions, alongside the existing Warwick in California Project. Immigration, student experience, and international exchange teams will remain within the Education Group reporting to the Academic Registrar. These changes will take place from 1 September.

• A new post of Head of Social Inclusion will be part of the Strategy and Policy Group - social inclusion being an important part of our regional engagement (to be recruited in the new academic year).

• The Freedom of Information and Information Compliance team, who are currently reporting into Robin Green following Simon Gilling’s departure, and the Information Security and Compliance Advisor (currently within the Institutional Resilience team), will transfer to the Director of Information and Data, once appointed.

• Strategic Planning and Analytics will report into me until the Director of Strategy and Policy is appointed, at which point they will transfer into that Group.

• The Contracts team, who are currently based in Finance and headed up by Jacob Langlands, will move to the Director of Legal and Compliance, once appointed.

• The functions of the Delivery Assurance and Resolution Service (DARS) team will be realigned to the new structure. Compliance and oversight function of the complaints framework will move to the Director of Legal and Compliance. Children’s Services, including managing the Nursery, will move to the People Group. We will use the summer to map out the remaining responsibilities currently within the team and consult about where those responsibilities should best sit.

• The International Gateway for Gifted Youth (IGGY) will be wound up. The team and the platform they have developed will be integrated into the marketing and communications team to support digital community engagement.

• Both Strategic Programme Delivery and Press and Media Relations, will continue to report directly to me.

For those of you who prefer diagrams to words, an organogram  is attached setting out these changes.

We will be advertising the role of Academic Registrar shortly. In the meantime I am very grateful to Roberta Wooldridge-Smith for agreeing to take on this acting role, and Katharine Gray for agreeing to head Teaching Quality and act as Assistant Secretary to Senate in the interim.

I have tried to keep the changes to a minimum, conscious of the level of change over the last eighteen months. I believe these build on what has gone before and will make us more resilient moving forward.

Rachel Sandby-Thomas CB

11 July 2017

Organisational chart - July 17



You can download a copy of the revised organisational structure here