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Professional Services Group


Professional Services Group (PSG)

In everything it does, the University is supported and enabled by its Professional Services – working in partnership with each other, our academic staff, students and the communities we serve. Professional Services provide the specialist expertise that the University requires to operate with efficiency and innovation whilst ensuring resilience and compliance.

Strong professional services –

  • provide shared capabilities wherever possible; standardising and simplifying processes and concentrating activity in focused teams and centres of expertise
  • reduce departmental operating costs through better co-ordinated and integrated support that frees up departments from bureaucracy
  • provide career paths for generalists and specialists that are University-wide, helping the University to attract and retain the most capable people
  • Increase the quality of professional advice and data, supporting better decision-making at the right levels

To continue to do these things we will build on what we do well: innovate and look forward, striving for greater simplicity and consistency. We will make sure that our business-as-usual operations run smoothly and that we monitor and uphold our regulatory and statutory duties. By leading on professional services we will enable others to deliver innovative and distinctive research and education.

Latest News:

We delivered the PSG staff event 'Delivering Excellence Collaboratively' on 18 September 2019 as a conference for all professional services groups. The event looked forward to the academic year and the key roles that our functions and services have in enabling the University to deliver its wider strategic objectives. The event also provided opportunities to learn more about the breadth of activity across our professional services groups. If you could not attend a session, the Q&A and certain breakout workshops have been filmed and will shortly be available along with presentation slides of the addresses, which you can view here.

What is the PSG Strategic Reform Programme?

This programme focuses on the groups and business areas under the Registrar – People, Education, Engagement, Strategy & Policy, Knowledge, Innovation, Press & Media, Legal & Compliance and IT Services. We also work across the business areas of specialist expertise under the Group Finance Director, Commercial Director and Secretary to Council, where it makes operational sense to do so. These are represented on our organisational diagram.

The case for change includes:

  • Ensuring our services are fit for the future; enabling Excellence with Purpose to be successful
  • Leading the professions across the University with greater visibility and authority
  • Responding to the PULSE survey and staff frustrations
  • Developing greater agility to deal with a complex and changing external environment
  • Improving cross departmental working within PSG and with academic departments
  • Strengthening agile operational decision making, taking responsibility with authority
  • Supporting the capability of our people to build resilience and new skills
  • Providing efficiencies and value for money, where the overall strategy is about growth

Our design principles are to:

  • Be ambitious; think strategically
  • Place the user (staff, students, employers and the wider community) firmly at the heart of any service redesign
  • Listen, pilot, evaluate, improve
  • Remain focused on Group priorities
  • Strive for simple and consistent solutions
  • Make improvements that are proportionate

What will success look like?

We aim to be

  • a Professional Services Group which is regarded as best in class; known by colleagues internally and externally for providing excellent, purposeful services that impact positively on all they touch.
  • confident and agile in enabling and supporting the University achieve its ambition to be one of the world’s exceptional universities.
  • punching above our weight both domestically and internationally, helping to transform our region, country and world for collective good.
  • an inspiring place to work.

Get in touch

We continue to work on our vision and communication. This PSG site area is currently in beta and we’d love to build in your comments and suggestions as much as possible to better reflect the vital work of our professional services across the University. If you have any questions or comments, or would like someone to come and speak to your department/team about this programme, please contact Helen Knee or Liz Hough.


60 second briefings

The latest updates, in a single slide, on the progress of the programme and specifically the 3 streams of work – strategy and direction; professional culture and identity; and service excellence. We will be adding to them as the programme progresses.


Professional Services Group Programme - May 2019

Governance structure - May 2019

Staff feedback - May 2019