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Executive Support Team

ARW   j_ross.png  
Adam Waddingham
Executive Officer
Lucy Goulding
Administrative Co-ordinator
Jemima Ross
Administrative Co-ordinator

s_bhangal.png m_brown.png a_gibson.png red.png
Sarazann Bhangal
Senior PA
(Group Finance Director)
Michelle Brown
Senior PA
(Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research)
Angela Gibson
Senior PA
(Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education)
Elizabeth Coyle
Senior PA
(Secretary to Council)
orange.png p_harper.png s_mcglad.png f_slater.png
Laura Brogan
Paul Harper
Senior Driver

Sharon McGladrigan
Senior PA

Fiona Slater
Senior PA
(Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Engagement)
w_taylor.png g_wild.png    
Wendy Taylor
Senior PA (Registrar)
& Office Manager
Gemma Wild
Senior PA
(Vice-Chancellor & President)