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Copy of Job Related Expenses

Commercial Director expenses and travel/subsistence August 2021 to July 2022

This statement is intended to be read in conjunction with the University of Warwick’s financial statements. We publish this information on a voluntary basis in order to provide details of the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for the Senior Leadership Team in the course of performing their duties for the University.

Details of the expenses claimed by lay members of the University Council, who are unremunerated, in the course of their Council and statutory business responsibilities, are also published annually by the University.

For the post of Commercial Director, the proposed purpose and duration of all overseas trips are approved in advance by the Vice-Chancellor. All expense claims and travel and subsistence costs are checked by an authorised signatory before approval in accordance with the University's financial regulations.


1. Travel
This includes air, rail and road travel. Due to the amount of travel that the Senior Leadership Team is required to undertake and that they are required to work while they travel, the University permits under the terms of the Senior Leadership contract, business class travel.

2. Purpose
Commitments include but are not exclusive to:

University business such as meetings with partner organisations, promotion of the University in key recruitment markets, alumni engagement events and fundraising, and higher education sector meetings;
Participation in governmental events overseas – both UK ministerial visits and foreign government invitations;
Other professional commitments such as external speaking, board membership or meeting engagements (some of which are reimbursed by the organisers).

3. Accommodation
<5 indicates where an overseas trip is up to and including five days’ duration; >5 indicates where a trip is more than five days’ duration.

4. Reimbursable costs
This includes where travel, accommodation or subsistence costs are associated with the Senior Leadership Team's professional commitments not directly associated with the University and these are eligible to be reclaimed by the University. It also includes where the member of the SLT has made a personal contribution to the costs of an engagement. Where costs have been paid directly by an external organisation, these are not listed.

Month Location Purpose Nature of cost and duration as applicable Amount (£)

Aug - 21




Aug-2021 total



Sep - 21

Coventry External Meeting Hospitality £9.80
    Sep-2021 total   £9.80

Oct - 21

    Oct-2021 total   £0

Nov - 21

    Nov-2021 total   £0

Dec - 21

Coventry External Meeting Hospitality £13.40
  London External Meeting Travel £14.90
  London External Meeting Hospitality £59.79
  London External Meeting Hospitality £33.29
    Dec-2021 total   £121.38
Jan 2022 Coventry External Meeting Hospitality £4.85
  Coventry External Meeting Hospitality £13.40
    Jan-2022 total   £18.25
Feb 2022       £0
    Feb 2022 total   £0
March 2022        
  Coventry External Meeting Hospitality £20.10
  Crewe External Meeting Hospitality £7.97
  Manchester External Meeting Hospitality £9.30
  Manchester Travel Return rail tickets £116.80
    March 2022 total   £154.17
April 2022        
  Coventry External Meeting Hospitality £13.75
  Coventry External Meeting Hospitality £5.35
    April 2022 Total Hospitality £19.10
May 2022 Ghana External Meeting Accommodation 2 nights £200.56
  Ghana External Meeting Air Travel 4 nights £1609.76
    May 2022 Total   £1810.32
June 2022       £0.00
    June 2022 Total   £0.00
















                  200.56     200.56


  9.80     106.48 18.25     19.10       153.63

Travel (road/rail)

        14.90     116.80         131.70

Travel (air)

                  1609.76     1609.76

Total by month

£0.00 £9.80 £0.00 £0.00 £121.38 £18.25 £0.00 £116.80 £19.10 £1810.32 £0.00 £0.00 2095.65



No Nights

Total cost

Average Cost per night








200.56 200.56 100.28


200.56 200.56 100.28