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Consultation on Draft Set of Principles

The Joint Council and Senate Advisory Group (“the Joint Group”), led by Deputy Chair of Council, Viki Cooke, is considering how Warwick’s commitment to dignity and respect (as stated as a value and within our policy and Vision statements) can be practically demonstrated within our community and what that might mean for each of us.

As part of this work, we would like to consult with members of the University's community, including students and staff, on some draft principles that the Joint Group has developed. The sessions will be facilitated sessions and you can join in via the link to the right. The sessions will be held on the 8 and 9 May 2019 and will be held at different venues around campus and each session will last for an hour.

Please note we are adding times and sessions on a daily basis so if there isn't a session that works for you, please register your interest.